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Welcome to the Unity Macroverse Wiki!

This is the Unity Macroverse Wiki, aimed at providing existing and new fans and followers with reference information on the overall Macroverse - from (alternate) history, characters, locations, technology, and everything else related - while stories from the Macroverse continue to be developed jointly by community members.

On-going, related developments and community activities are also shared here.

Base References

What is the Unity Macroverse

Main Storyline Arc

Unity Macroverse Core Development Team

(Alternate) History

Historical Overview

Formation of a Global Government under the United Nations of Earth

Graphic Novels

Marooned | Journey's End | Fog of War | Retribution | Drifters | Awakenings

Short Stories

Rembau | Home | School Run | Sik | ROGER

Other Stories

Micro & Mini Stories

Main Factions

United Nations of Earth

Mars Administrative Corporation

Independent Trade and Mining Consortia

Main Characters

UNEs Tigris Crew

Captain Olivia Chu | Commander Zulkilfi ("Jo") Hassan | Lt. Commander Putri Dewi Haryanto

Malayan Rangers

Captain Helmi ("Burn") Bakar | Lieutenant Sin ("White Meat") Kar Foo | Specialist "Tank"

United Nations of Earth ("UNE")

Elizabeth Okuwene | Khang Van Duc |


United Nations of Earth

UNEs Tigris | Lubok Antu |

Mars Administrative Corporation

MACs Destroyer Chavez



External Links

Other Unity Macroverse Resources

Unity Macroverse in the media

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