Retribution Cover

“Retribution” covers the post-Marooned perspective of the Malayan Rangers, led by Captain Helmi Bakar – which were first introduced in Marooned Part 2. It occurs concurrently to the events of Journey's End and Fog of War.

The story takes place after the completion of the Malayan Rangers' mission with the UNES Tigris at the Ganymede mine, as they are given another mission to infiltrate deep into enemy territory.  Their task is to recover and secure items from a Research Facility within the Asteroid Belt. 

The mission, being executed with the assistance of the UNE Marines - does not go as smoothly as expected, as the team operates in a time of conflict as revealed in Fog of War. The high alert status within the area of operations attracts unwanted attention from the people that they want to avoid the most.

Meet new characters in Retribution and follow them as they appear in the other Unity titles. Retribution is the 6th publication from the Graphic Novels series, and occurs after the events of Marooned.

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