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Drifters Cover

The “Drifters” storyline is from the perspective of a family caught up in unexpected events (first revealed in Journey’s End, after the events in Marooned) leading up to the civil war between the UNE (United Nations of Earth) and the MAC (Mars Administrative Corporation) as expanded through the Fog of War storyline.

An everyday family from Detroit arrives at the Canton Trade Hub, doing what most families do when they arrive - work, play and entertain themselves within the vast floating Trade Hub, located between Earth and Mars. As they continue with their lives, an incident on Canton disrupts their visit. As the incident begins to unfold, there is confusion on the Hub as everybody was caught off guard. Are they in danger? How will they react as a family? Unknown to them, plans are underway by other forces to undermine the fate of the system.  How are they involved, and are they integral to the overall story arc?

Drifters is the 7th publication from the Graphic Novels series, and occurs soon after Marooned.